No. 5 — Pages 60-61: Les 4 Cadillacs | Renato de Oliveira aka Cid Gray | Discoteca Dançante No. 5

  • Les 4 Cadillacs — Les 4 Cadillacs
    (1964) Masterpiece Master 11035
  • Les 4 Cadillacs — Les 4 Cadillacs
    (1963) Masterpiece Master 11034
  • Osvaldo Borba, Don Pepito, Luis Reis, Sandoval Dias, Moacyr Peixoto, Carlos Piper — Dançante No. 5
    (1965) Fantasia/Philips FLP 2023
  • Renato de Oliveira — Este é o LP
    (1960) Copacabana CLP 11148


This double page spread from the book features eponymous cars, a pick-up and gets right to the point.

Les 4 Cadillacs were basically a creation of Nilo Sérgio (1921-1981), owner of Musidisc, who formed the group in 1961 for his subsidiary Masterpiece. Until 1964 five albums were relased with easy listening renditions of international repertoire.

Ed Lincoln most likely plays piano on all albums of Les 4 Cadillacs, but the rest of the line-up is verified only for the 1963 sessions with Durval Ferreira on guitar, Luis Marinho on bass and Wilson das Neves on drums.

Beside the two self-titled albums the group seemed to have a soft spot for the French language as their three other albums are entitled Doucement, Mon Amour (1961), Doucement Novamente (1961) and Doucement, Chérie (1963).

Playlist Les 4 Cadillacs:
1. Besame Mucho – Amor, Amor, Amor (Consuelo Velasquez  Gabriel Ruiz  Ricardo Lopes Mendez) from the album Doucement Novamente (1961)
2. You Belong to Me (Pee Wee King  Redd Stewart  Chilton Price) from the album Doucement, Mon Amour (1961)

As always, Masterpiece provided delightful covers for all five albums of Les 4 Cadillacs. The art work for the two self-titled albums Les 4 Cadillacs is by Joselito.

Renato de Oliveira is rather difficult to investigate, except for the fact that he was quite successfully leading dance orchestras in the late fifties and early sixties. He recorded nine albums from 1957 to 1975, but more lasting were the five albums he recorded from 1959 to 1962 under his alias of Cid Gray. It is rumoured that Renato de Oliveira started to use this pseudonym in some of his shows to try a different style, whereupon people were asking for Cid Gray albums. In fact, especially Só Samba Sabendo Sambar delights with heavy brass and drums in quite daring arrangements of the contemporary repertoire.

Playlist Renato de Oliveira:
1. Rosa do Mato (Geraldo Serafim – Sérgio Ricardo) from the album Só Samba Sabendo Sambar (1961) as Cid Gray
2. Levanta Mangueira (Luis Antônio) from the album Samba… Samba… Samba! (1959) as Cid Gray
3. E Daí (Miguel Gustavo) from the album Este é o LP! (1960)

Although with unidentified art work, Maestro Renato de Oliveira gave the world the one album cover to get unmistakably to the point: Este É o LP.

Discoteca Dançante is a five-volume compilation released in 1965 by Fantasia featuring various artists with their renditions of contemporary hits.

Playlist Discoteca Dançante No. 5:
1. Olhou Pra Mim (Ed Lincoln – Silvio César) from the album Discoteca Dançante No. 5 (1965) by Moacyr Peixoto

The cover of Discoteca Dançante No. 5 sports an unidentified, yet exquisite cover in various colour settings.

Various - Dançante No. 5 (1965) a

Various - Dançante No. 5 (1965) b    Various - Dançante No. 5 (1965) c


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