No. 23 — Pages 142-143: Miltinho

  • Miltinho — Samba em Tú
    (1971) RCA Camden CALB 5326
  • Miltinho — Miltinho, Samba & CIA.
    (1969) Odeon MOFB 3585
  • Miltinho — Canção do Nosso Amor
    (1963) RGE XRLP 5215
  • Miltinho — Eu… Miltinho
    (1963) RGE XRLP 5202
  • Miltinho — Bossa & Balanço
    (1963) RGE XRLP 5221
  • Miltinho — Samba + Samba = Miltinho
    (1966) Odeon MOFB 3458
  • Miltinho — Miltinho é Samba
    (1961) RGE XRLP 5127
  • Miltinho — Poema do Adeus
    (1961) RGE XRLP 5103
  • Miltinho — Quanto Mais Samba Melhor
    (1967) Odeon MOFB 3492
  • Miltinho, Sexteto Sideral — Um Nôvo Astro
    (1960) Sideral LPP 2004
  • Miltinho — Poema do Olhar
    (1962) RGE XRLP 5162
  • Miltinho — Poema do Fim
    (1964) Premier PRLP 1082
  • Miltinho — Miltinho ao Vivo
    (1965) RGE XRLP 5281


This double-page spread of the book features the fabulous Miltinho.

Milton Santos de Almeida (1928-2014) enjoyed a career of almost 70 years with more than 30 albums and countless singles as one of Brazil’s most successful singers. In the forties, he started performing as a percussionist and singer with popular groups like Anjos do Inferno, who supported Carmen Miranda in the US, and Quatro Ases e Um Coringa, which he would later join on record. In the fifties, Miltinho served as a crooner for Severino Araújo and his Orquestra Tabajara, before joining Djalma Ferreira and his Milionários do Ritmo on several albums, popularizing songs like Recado and Devaneio by Djalma Ferreira and Luis Antônio.

Miltinho — Canção do Nosso Amor (a)    Miltinho — Canção do Nosso Amor (b)

In 1960, Miltinho started his continuous solo career with his striking debut Um Nôvo Astro, supported by Sexteto Sideral including Jorginho (Jorge Ferreira da Silva) on alto saxophone, Celso Pereira on piano and Baden Powell on guitar. Off that album, Mulher de Trinta, written by Luis Antônio, became Miltinho’s biggest success and signature song. His second album, O Diploma de Astro, recorded with the samba schools Jaime Portela com o Ritmo da Unidos da Capela, Unidos de Vilsa Isabel, Unidos da Tijuca and Escola de Samba de Monsueto, heralded the big orchestral settings of albums to come.

    Miltinho — Miltinho é Samba (b)

In 1961, Miltinho’s landmark recording of Murmúrio was released as part of the ravishing album Miltinho, arranged and conducted by Nelsinho. The same year, Miltinho’s swinging version of Palhaçada could not top Dóris Monteiro’s recording as top song of the year, but became one his biggest hits though. In 1962, Miltinho had another remarkable success with the delightful ballad Lembranças by Raul Sampaio and Benil Santos, followed by Meu Nome é Ninguém by Luis Reis, Haroldo Barbosa and Nazareno de Brito, another song closely linked with him.

Miltinho’s solo albums with RGE from 1961 to 1965 consolidated his status as one of the top-notch samba singers in his days. In 1966, he moved to Odeon, continuously releasing albums busy as a bee. He also scored  two successful series of duet albums, first recording three albums with Elza Soares from 1967 to 1969, followed by four albums with Dóris Monteiro from 1970 to 1973.

Miltinho never really associated himself with bossa nova, sticking to all kinds of sambas, loosened with wistful ballads. Then again, his pervasive voice with the nasal tone would not have been very suitable for the low-key attitude of bossa nova. The colour of his timbre was possibly not the most alluring, yet his timing, phrasing and vocalisation, backed by exquisite orchestral settings, perfectly delivered spirited performances.

Playlist Miltinho:
1. (Luis Antônio) from the album Um Nôvo Astro (1960)
2. Samba com Môlho (Hélton Menezes) from the album Bossa e Balanço (1963)
3. Lembranças (Raul Sampaio – Benil Santos) from the album Miltinho é Samba (1961)
4. Sincopado Triste (Hianto de Almeida – Macedo Neto) from the album Miltinho (1961)
5. Só Vou de Balanço (João Roberto Kelly) from the album Bossa e Balanço (1963)
6. Mulher de Trinta / Recado / Menina Moça / (Luis Antônio – Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio / Luis Antônio / Luis Antônio) from the album ao Vivo (1965)
7. Não Emplaca 61 (Monsueto – Ari Monteiro) from the album O Diploma do Astro (1960) with Escola de Samba de Monsueto
8. Meu Nome é Ninguém (Haroldo Barbosa – Luis Reis) from the album Poema do Olhar (1962)
9. Beijo na Boca / Requebre Que Eu Dou um Doce / Tem Que Ter Mulata  (Augusto Garcez – Cyro de Souza / Dorival Caymmi / Túlio Piva) from the album Elza, Miltinho e Samba (1967) with Elza Soares
10. Demais / Foi a Noite / Esquecendo Você / Ilusão a Tôa / Fotografia (Antônio Carlos Jobim – Aloysio de Oliveira / Antônio Carlos Jobim – Newton Mendonça / Antônio Carlos Jobim / Johnny Alf / Antônio Carlos Jobim) from the album Doris, Miltinho e Charme (1970) with Dóris Monteiro

Laranja Madura performed by Miltinho and Moacyr Marques (1976)

The art work for Quanto Mais Samba Melhor is by Moacyr Rocha with photograph by Mafra.

Miltinho — Poema do Olhar (a)

Miltinho — Poema do Olhar (b)

Miltinho — Eu... Miltinho (a)

Miltinho — Eu... Miltinho (b)

The uncredited art work for Miltinho ao Vivo! was redesigned less suggestive for the 1973 reissue with a photograph first used in 1963 as inverted black and white picture for the album Bossa & Balanço.

Miltinho — Miltinho ao Vivo (a)

Miltinho — Miltinho ao Vivo (b)

Miltinho — Bossa & Balanço (a)    Miltinho — Bossa & Balanço (b)

Miltinho — Miltinho ao Vivo (1973 release)

The art work for Samba + Samba = Miltinho is by Moacyr Rocha with photograph by Mafra.

The 1971 release Samba em Tú is the reissue of the 1961 album Miltinho.


Miltinho — Miltinho (a)    Miltinho — Miltinho (b)

The art work for the Premiere issue of Poema do Fim is by Nicolau. The RGE issue shows photographs from the photo session used several times, for example for the back cover of Miltinho ao Vivo!.


Miltinho — Poema do Adeus (a)

Miltinho — Poema do Adeus (b)


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