No. 28 — Pages 48-49: Norma Bengell | Mário Gennari Filho

  • Nelson Gonçalves — Êxstase
    (1959) RCA Victor BBL 1018
  • Clóvis Pereira — Ritmos Alucinantes
    (1958) Repertório LP 15004
  • Orquestra Namorados do Caribe — Sabor de Sucesso
    (1964) RCA Victor BBL 1299
  • Waldemiro Lemke — Strip-Tease Musical
    (196?) Continental n/a
  • Rogério Duprat, Orquestra Fantasia, Dave Gordon, Albert Pavão — Distração
    (1962) Penthon PPLP – D100
  • Sexteto Plaza — Festival de Ritmos
    (1958) Sinter SLP 1756
  • Jorge Veiga, Carlos Nobre, Moacyr Gomes, Cauby Peixoto, Ângela Maria, Nico Fidenco, Carlos Gonzaga, Carlos Galhardo, Yeda Maria — Mais Explosivo
    (1963) RCA Victor BBL 1212
  • Moacyr Marques ‘Bijú’ — Samba 40 Graus
    (1961) Pawal P-20.004
  • Moacyr Silva — Sex Sax
    (1966) Copacabana CLP 11480
  • Bob Fleming — Mr. Sax
    (196?) Musidisc Serie A 777.7022
  • Manoel da Conceição — Manoel da Conceição Seu Violão e Muito Samba
    (1963) Polydor LPNG 4072
  • Walter Wanderley, Portinho — Órgão Sax Sexy
    (1964) Philips P 632.721 L
  • Norma Bengell — Ooooooh! Norma
    (1959) Odeon MOFB 3112
  • Nilo Sérgio — Dança e Romance
    (1962) Nilser NS 1002
  • Moacyr Marques ‘Bijú’ — Samba Geléia
    (1962) Pawal P-20.015
  • Mário Gennari Filho — Mário Gennari Filho e Seus Sucessos
    (1959) Odeon MOFB 3079


This double-page spread from the book features some lascivious art works (or what one thought to be such), including a classic for Norma Bengell.

Norma Aparecida Almeida Pinto Guimarães d’Áurea Bengell (1935-2013), was an actress, director, producer and screenwriter. She started her movie career in 1959, and was causing controversy in 1962 in Os Cafajestes, being the first Brazilian actress to appear fully nude in a movie. Later that year, she starred in O Pagador de Promessas (The Payer of Promises), which became the first Brazilian movie nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. After this, she worked in a number of international movies, especially in Italy, including Terrore Nello Spazio (Planet of the Vampires) and the spaghetti western I Crudeli (The Hellbenders).

Before her big screen ambitions, Norma Bengell started out as a singer, working the nightclub circuit in Rio de Janeiro in the mid-fifties, and hosting a weekly music show on TV Tupi. In 1959, her debut album Ooooooh! Norma became instantly famous for its front cover showing the singer seemingly in her birthday suit. Actually it is a clever photograph of the singer posing in a black bathing suit in front of a black background, taken by Francisco Pereira. The album, arranged and conducted by Lindolpho Gaya, features an international repertoire with songs by João Gilberto and Antônio Carlos Jobim as well as Harold Arlen and Richard Rodgers. In 1964, Norma Bengell joined Dick Farney on two tracks of his self-titled album for Elenco, of which their charming rendition of Você by Roberto Menescal and Ronaldo Bôscoli became one of the best known bossa nova duets.

Playlist Norma Bengell:
1. Sucedeu Assim (Antônio Carlos Jobim – Marino Pinto) from the album Ooooooh! Norma (1959)
2. Você (Roberto Menescal – Ronaldo Bôscoli) from the album Dick Farney (1964) with Dick Farney
3. Hô-bá-lá-lá (João Gilberto) from the album Ooooooh! Norma (1959)

The skilful art-work for Ooooooh! Norma is by César G. Villela with photograph by Francisco Pereira.

Manoel da Conceição — Manoel da Conceição Seu Violão e Muito Samba (a)    Manoel da Conceição — Manoel da Conceição Seu Violão e Muito Samba (b)

Clóvis Pereira — Ritmos Alucinantes    Waldemiro Lemke — Strip-Tease Musical

Various — Mais Explosivo

    Rogério Duprat, Orquestra Fantasia, Dave Gordon, Albert Pavão — Distração

Nelson Gonçalves — Êxstase (a)    Nelson Gonçalves — Êxstase (b)

The photographs for Sabor de Sucesso are by Mafra. They have originally been used in the US in 1960 for Bob Thompson’s album On The Rocks. Fours years later, RCA Victor reused the photographs in Brazil with a different layout for Orquestra Namorados do Caribe.



Nilo Sérgio, musician and owner of the record label Nilser, granted himself a lavish gatefold sleeve with a cutout cover for his album Dança e Romance. The art work is unidentified.

Mário Gennari Filho (1929-1989) was one of Brazil’s most famous accordionists, playing also guitar, piano and solovox, as well as being a composer and music professor. He started his musical career at the age of eight at the Rádio Bandeirantes de São Paulo, and made his recording debut at age fourteen playing with accordionist Ângelo Reale. The fourties and fifties were his heyday, but Mário Gennari Filho successfully continued his recordings until the late sixties with a total of about 60 singles and a dozen albums.

Playlist Mário Gennari Filho:
1. Ouça (Maysa) from the album Hum… Mmmmm… É Bom Dançar (1960)
2. Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle – Paulo Sérgio Valle) from the album Sucessos (1965)
3. A Felicidade (Antônio Carlos Jobim – Vinícius de Moraes) from the album Hum… Mmmmm… É Bom Dançar (1960)

The art work for Mário Gennari Filho e Seus Sucessos is unidentified.

Mário Gennari Filho — Mário Gennari Filho e Seus Sucessos (b)

The alluring art work for Samba 40 Grauss and Samba Geléia, featuring actress Íris Bruzzi as cover girl, is uncredited but Moacyr Marques ‘Bijú’ is portrayed in article → No. 10.

Moacyr Marques ‘Bijú’ — Samba Geléia (a)

Moacyr Marques ‘Bijú’ — Samba Geléia (b)

The art work for Órgão Sax Sexy is by Paulo Brèves.


The art work for Sex Sax is by Sérgio Malta.


The unidentified art work for Mr. Sax decorates an album compiled from earlier releases. For more about the alias of Bob Fleming see → No. 1 and → No. 7.



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