Song No. 9 — Sou Sem Paz | Adylson Godoy (1964)

AF-ZIMBO TRIO encarte 1 paginado.indd

Sou Sem Paz was introduced by Zimbo Trio 1964 on their self-titled debut album. The song enjoyed only a short-lived popularity with about eight recordings in four years.

Adylson GodoyComposer Adylson Godoy released his own version as the title track of his debut album in 1965. Although the accompanying single Sou Sem Paz b/w Não Chora Não, Zé didn’t chart, the album with its first-rate arrangements by Erlon Chaves remains as Godoy’s only yet critically acclaimed original album.

Elis Regina issued her version of Sou Sem Paz, arranged by Luiz Chaves, as b-side to O Menino das Larranjas, a single which reached number 4 in March 1965. The same year, she recorded the song also with spanish lyrics.

Except for these three vocal renditions, Sou Sem Paz has always been recorded as an instrumental piece, last issued by Kuntz Naegele’s one time studio group Som Nove in 1968, most likely due to its perfect suitability for jazz improvisations.

Selected recordings of Sou Sem Paz:

1. Zimbo Trio from the album Zimbo Trio (1964, RGE XRLP 5253)

AF-ZIMBO TRIO encarte 1 paginado.indd    Zimbo Trio — Zimbo Trio (1964) (b)
Art work for
Zimbo Trio by Cosentini with photographs by José Pinto

2. Adylson Godoy from the album Sou Sem Paz (1965, RGE XRLP 5276)

Adylson Godoy - Sou Sem Paz (1965)    Adylson Godoy - Sou Sem Paz (1965) b

3. Os Tatuís from the album Os Tatuís (1965, Farroupilha LPFA-410)

Os Tatuís - Os Tatuís (1965)

4. Elis Regina from the album Samba Eu Canto Assim (1965, Philips P 632.742 L)

Elis Regina - Samba Eu Canto Assim (1965) a    Elis Regina - Samba Eu Canto Assim (1965) b

5. Sansa Trio from the album Sansa Trio Vol. 2 (1965, Som Maior SMLP 1515)

Sansa Trio - Sansa Trio Vol. 2 (1965) a    Sansa Trio - Sansa Trio Vol. 2 (1965) b

6. Som Nove from the album Som Nove (1968, Ritmos/Codil CDL 13010)

Som Nove — Som Nove (a)    Som Nove — Som Nove (b)
Art work for Som Nove by Joselito with photograph by Mafra



Tento em mim seu amor • Nasceu como uma flor cantando bem • E ninguém jamais amou assim • Nunca assim • Sofro sem tudo em mim • É só tristeza e dor • É só você e a felicidade que se foi • Que se foi

Você fugiu de mim • E triste, amor, eu canto assim • É a saudade em mim • Volte então, sou sem paz • Com o seu amor e a felicidade que virá • Que virá


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