Song No. 15 — Sambop | Durval Ferreira & Maurício Einhorn (1960)

Various - Nova Geração em Ritmo de Samba (1960)

Sambop was introduced in 1960 by Claudette Soares on Nova Geração em Ritmo de Samba, an album produced and directed by Altamiro Carrilho, and arranged and conducted by 17 year old Eumir Deodato, who also played piano. On Sambop, Claudette Soares was accompanied by the trio of Altamiro Carrilho on flute, Maurício Einhorn on harmonica and Durval Ferreira on guitar.

Mauricio EinhornThe swinging ditty enjoyed only little success with about five recordings in three years. However, it is noteworthy for more than one reason.

Sambop (along with A Fábula Que Educa) was Claudette Soares’ debut on an original album, still four years prior to her solo debut. Before, only the a-side from her single Foi a Noite b/w Escolinha do Bebop [sic] was included on the compilation album Falando de Amor in 1958.

Sambop was Leny Andrade’s debut single, even though her solid scat performance was buried on the b-side, rather inappropriately compiled with Cauby Peixoto’s version of the romantic Al Di Là on the a-side. Fortunately, Sambop survived on her debut album A Sensação.

Leny Andrade’s uncredited musical arrangement for Sambop was reutilized two years later by Aurino Ferreira, when he featured his saxophone interpretation on his album Na Cadência do Samba.

Sambop was one of the songs alto saxophonist Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley recorded with the Bossa Rio Sextet in New York. Shortly after the concert known as ‘Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall’, Sérgio Mendes and his Bossa Rio Sextet, consisting of Mendes on piano, Paulo Moura on alto saxophone, Pedro Paulo on trumpet, Durval Ferriera on guitar, Octavio Bailly on bass and Dom Um Romão on drums, went to see Adderley performing at the Birdland. This encounter was followed by a private hearing initiated by Adderley which resulted in the recording of Cannonball’s Bossa Nova in December 1962.

Selected recordings of Sambop:

1. Claudette Soares from the album Nova Geração em Ritmo de Samba (1960, Copacabana CLP 11158)

Various - Nova Geração em Ritmo de Samba (1960)

2. Leny Andrade from the album A Sensação (1961, RCA Victor BBL 1128)

Leny Andrade — A Sensação (a)    Leny Andrade — A Sensação (b)

3. Aurino from the album Na Cadência do Samba (1963, RCA Victor BBL 1235)

Aurino & Jorginho — Na Cadéncia do Samba (a)    Aurino & Jorginho — Na Cadéncia do Samba (b)

Versions of Sambop not released in Brazil:

1. Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley with the Bossa Rio Sextet from the album Cannonball’s Bossa Nova (1962, Riverside [USA] RM 455)

Cannonball Adderley - Cannonball's Bossa Nova (1962) a    Cannonball Adderley - Cannonball's Bossa Nova (1962) b
Art work for Cannonball’s Bossa Nova by Ken Deandoff.



Eu mostrei pra você • Como é o bop • E você já esqueceu como é que eu fiz • Tem mania de cantar samba quadrado • E é por isso que me faz tão infeliz

Melodia vem do coração • Com o amor vem a inspiração • Eu vou tentar de novo explicar

Vê se aprende a cantar • Que eu voltarei a lhe adorar


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