Song No. 70 — Deep Purple | Peter DeRose & Mitchell Parish (1933)

Dick Farney - Trio (1956) a

Deep Purple was written in 1933 as a piano solo before it was introduced on radio the next year by Paul Whiteman and his orchestra, arranged by Domenico Savino. Despite good sheet music sales the song gained no further popularity amongst musicians until 1938 when Mitchell Parish added the lyrics and Larry Clinton recorded Deep Purple with Bea Wain on vocals. Clinton’s release in January 1939 became a huge hit leading to further popular recordings by Jimmy Dorsey, Guy Lomardo, Bing Crosby and Artie Shaw featuring Helen Forrest. In 1963, Nino Tempo and April Stevens recorded another highly popular version.

Deep Purple Sheet Music 1939The catalogue number Copacabana 022-a suggests that Deep Purple might be introduced in Brazil by Edward Constantinowsky aka Eddie Constantine around 1950 on a single with Stardust on the flipside. This is not unreasonable, considering that he was trying to build an international singing career from the US at the time. However, the first Brazilian recording of Deep Purple was most likely the one by Dick Farney on his 1956 album Trio, featuring Dinarte Rodriguez Filho on guitar and Ed Lincoln on bass. The next year, Alice Gonzaga released the first vocal rendition with the adapted lyrics by Alberto Ribeiro, titled Ao Entardecer, a recording which seems unavailable today, unfortunately.

The song was recorded about twenty times until 1968 when Gileno Osório Wanderley de Azevedo, better known as Leno of the duo Leno & Lilian, issued a version quite similar to the one by Nino Tempo and April Stevens, using the lyrics by Alberto Ribeiro.

Selected recordings of Deep Purple:

1. Dick Farney from the album Trio (1956, Continental LPP 29)

Dick Farney - Trio (1956) a    Dick Farney - Trio (1956) b

2. Abel Ferreira from the album Acariciando (1958, Todamérica LPP-TA-311)

Abel Ferreira - Acariciando (1958)

3. Casanova from the album Meia-noite em Manhattan (195?, Sinter SLP-4722)

Casanova - Meia-noite em Manhattan (195x) a    Casanova - Meia-noite em Manhattan (195x) b

4. Jorge Henrique, Alan Gordon & Hugo Lander from the album Recordando (1958, Rádio 0073-GV)

Jorge Henrique, Alan Gordon & Hugo Lander - Recordando (1958) a    Jorge Henrique, Alan Gordon & Hugo Lander - Recordando (1958) b

5. Juarez Araújo from the album Juarez Araújo Sua Excia. O Sax (1961, Carroussell SELP 3009) aka O Inimitável Juarez (1962, Masterplay MDL 13019)

Juarez Araújo – Juarez – Sua Excelência o Sax

Juarez Araújo — O Inimitável Juarez (a)     Juarez Araújo — O Inimitável Juarez (b)

6. Zito Righi aka Bob Fleming from the album Este é Bob Fleming (1961, Audiola/Musidisc AD-01)

Zito Righi aka Bob Fleming - Este é Bob Fleming (1961) a    Zito Righi aka Bob Fleming - Este é Bob Fleming (1961) b

7. Pachequinho from the album Isto é Sucesso (1964, Copacabana CLP 11375)

Os Copa 4 & Pachequinho - Isto é Sucesso (1964) a    Os Copa 4 & Pachequinho - Isto é Sucesso (1964) b

8. Claude Taylor from the album Sax e Boleros (1964 prüfen, Odeon MOFB 3386)

Claude Taylor - Sax e Boleros (1964) a    Claude Taylor - Sax e Boleros (1964) b
Art work for Sax e Boleros by Moacyr Rocha

9. Leno from the album Leno (1968, CBS 37581)

Leno - Leno (1968)

Comparative versions of Deep Purple:

1. Larry Clinton featuring Bea Wain from the single Deep Purple b/w Study in Red (1939, Victor Records [USA] 26141)

2. Artie Shaw featuring Helen Forrest from the single Deep Purple b/w Pastel Blue (1939, Bluebird [USA] B-10178)



When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls • And the stars begin to twinkle in the sky • In the mist of a memory you wander back to me • Breathing my name with a sigh

In the still of the night • Once again I hold you tight • Tho’ you’re gone your love lives on when moonlight beams • And as long as my heart will beat • Lover, we’ll always meet • Here in my deep purple dreams



O céu escureceu • E sorrindo a tarde cai • O sol que se escondeu • Prá longe vai • No alto do céu sempre a deslizar • A lua por sobre o mar • Me faz sofre ao lembrar • Seu amor seu calor • Que já me fez tão feliz • Penso até então tua voz • Nada mais que imaginação • Sonho, recordação • Tudo acabado entre nós

E depois o luar, luar • Vai teu rosto desenhar • Qual miragem num deserto de ilusão • Ilusão sonho e nada mais • Sei que não voltarás • Levando meu coração

[Lyrics by Alberto Ribeiro]


4 thoughts on “Song No. 70 — Deep Purple | Peter DeRose & Mitchell Parish (1933)

  1. Sometimes i feel that i cannot express my gratitude enough for what you do here. Tonight I listened to (in sequence).. Risque by Garoto, followed by Melancolia (Carmen Costa), then Ternura Antiga and finally Jorge Ben doing his tunes Mas Que Nada & Chove Chuva.

    You provide me with the soundtrack to my life. Thank you Andreas!


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