Song No. 92 — De Amor ou Paz | Luís Carlos Paraná & Adauto Santos (1966)

Adauto Santos - A Música de Carlos Paraná (1971) a

De Amor ou Paz was introduced in September 1966 by Elza Soares at the II Festival de Música Popular Brasileira, performed at the Teatro Record de São Paulo. After the success of the I Festival da Música Popular Brasileira, hosted by TV Excelsior in 1965, several TV stations were eager to host their own song festival. In 1966, it was TV Record’s turn with 36 final entries selected from a total of 2,635 songs being submitted from all over the country with featured acts such as Hebe Camargo, Elizeth Cardoso, Chico Buarque, Maysa and Geraldo Vandré.

In front of a jury that included César Camargo Mariano, Paulo Vanzolini, Denis Brean and Osmar Milani amongst others, De Amor ou Paz became the runner-up of the contest losing to a tie in the number one spot of A Banda by Chico Buarque and Disparada by Geraldo Vandré and Théo de Barros, performed by Nara Leão and Jair Rodrigues respectively. Interestingly, the subsequent album titled Viva o Festival da Música Popular Brasileira did not contain De Amor ou Paz.

De Amor ou Paz was recorded about six times in its day. Luís Carlos Paraná issued his version in early 1967 while fellow composer Adauto Santos recorded his interpretation on the tribute album released after Paraná’s death in late 1970.

Selected recordings of De Amor ou Paz:

1. Elza Soares from the single De Amor ou Paz b/w Toque Balanço, Moço! (1966, Odeon 7B-189)

2. Luiz Carlos Paraná from the single De Amor ou Paz b/w Nem Sequer Uma Rosa (1967, Som Maior SMCS-116)

3. Adauto Santos from the album A Música de Carlos Paraná (1971, O Jogral MPLP-004)

Adauto Santos - A Música de Carlos Paraná (1971) a    Adauto Santos - A Música de Carlos Paraná (1971) b



Quem anda atrás de amor e paz • Não anda bem • Porque na vida o que tem paz • Amor não tem • Seja o que for, sou mais do amor • Com paz ou sem • Sei que é demais querer-se paz • E amor também

Já que se tem que sofrer • Seja dor só de amor • Já que se tem de morrer • Seja mais por amor

Vou sempre amar • Não vou levar a vida em vão • Não hei de ver envelhecer meu coração • Vou sempre ter em vez de paz inquietação • Houvesse paz • Não haveria esta canção


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