Song No. 104 — Manhã de Carnaval | Luiz Bonfá & Antônio Maria (1959)

Orfeu Negro OST (France 1959) a

Manhã de Carnaval was introduced in June 1959 in Marcel Camus’ movie Orfeu Negro. Although initially rejected by Camus to be used in the film, the song finally served as a musical love theme for Orfeu and Euridice, appearing several times as an instrumental version as well as sung or hummed.

Orfeu da Conceição - Premiere 1956Orfeu Negro was based on the play Orfeu da Conceição, written by Vinícius de Moraes in 1954 and premiered in 1956, setting the greek legend of Orpheus and Euridice into a favela in Rio de Janeiro against the background of Carnival. The song was not part of the musical setting of Orfeu da Conceição by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes which was recorded in 1956 with Luiz Bonfá and singer Roberto Paiva. Just like A Felicidade by Jobim and de Moraes and Samba do Orfeu by Luiz Bonfá and Antônio Maria, Manhã de Carnaval was only written in 1958 for the motion picture score.

Since former soccer player Breno Mello as the leading character Orfeu was not a singer, a dubbing voice was required. Even though João Gilberto was eager to get the job, his voice was considered not “black” enough. So Agostinho dos Santos received an invitation from the composers to perform both A Felicidade and Manhã de Carnaval in the movie, strangely enough, without being credited for his performance.

In Brazil, João Gilberto was obviously the first to record his own version of Manhã de Carnaval when issued it in July 1959 under musical direction by Antônio Carlos Jobim along with the movie’s other main songs A Felicidade, O Nosso Amor and Frevo. Agostinho dos Santos’ studio version was recorded in August, interestingly titled Canção do Amor, and released on his album Inimitável, arranged and conducted by Henrique Simonetti. Furthermore, Pery Ribeiro, Maysa, Bill Farr and Carlos Galhardo were among the first. However, Gilberto’s Manhã de Carnaval became the most successful version reaching number 73 on Brazil’s year-end charts of 1959.

Orfeu Negro Filmposter USAManhã de Carnaval, certainly one of Brazil’s most iconic songs, helped to boost the worldwide popularity of bossa nova although recorded in various styles ranging from boleros such as by Dalida and Alexandra to even the exotic beats by Miriam Makeba. It also became an instant jazz standard with noteworthy versions such as by Cal Tjader, Vince Guaraldi, Gerry Mulligan, Bob Brookmeyer and Paul Desmond.

Outside Brazil, the song enjoyed its earliest recordings mainly in France, Italy and Germany by the likes of Dalida, Johnny Dorelli and Caterina Valente with French lyrics by François Llenas as La Chanson d’Orphée and Italian lyrics by Mario Panzeri as La Canzone di Orfeu. Carl Sigman wrote a different set of English lyrics titled A Day in the Life of a Fool while George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore wrote an English lyric adaptation titled Carnival. Carmen McRae recorded the song as Where Did it Go with lyrics by Ruth Batchelor.

Sinatras version was recorded as part of the 1969 session with Antônio Carlos Jobim which never saw the light of day as the successor to Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim from 1967. A Day in the Life of a Fool was actually the only recording from that second session that was released in the year of its origin on Sinatra’s album My Way while few songs were compiled in 1971 as the A-side of Sinatra & Company and some only in 1979 when both sessions were finally issued completely.

The late Alexandra, who once worked with Antônio Carlos Jobim while in Brazil and allegedly had an affair with him, recorded the song with German lyrics by Ernst Bader and Hans Ewer titled Das Glück kam zu mir wie ein Traum. The recording dated shortly before her still quite mysterious car crash at the age of 27 and was released posthumously.

Interestingly, it seems that the motion picture soundtrack of Orfeu Negro was not issued in Brazil until 1990. In 1959, soundtrack albums were released only in Europe and the US.

Orfeu Negro OST (US 1959) a    Orfeu Negro OST (US 1959) b    Orfeu Negro OST (Italy 1959)

Selected recordings of Manhã de Carnaval:

1. Agostinho dos Santos from the movie Orfeu Negro (1959)

Orfeu Negro OST (France 1959) a    Orfeu Negro OST (France 1959) b

2. João Gilberto from the single Manhã de Carnaval b/w Frevo (1959, Odeon 14.495) and the EP João Gilberto Cantando as Musicás do Filme Orfeu do Carnaval (1959, Odeon BWB 1092)

João Gilberto - João Gilberto Cantando as Musicás do Filme Orfeu do Carnaval (1959) a    João Gilberto - João Gilberto Cantando as Musicás do Filme Orfeu do Carnaval (1959) b

3. Agostinho dos Santos from the single Canção do Amor b/w A Felicidade (1959, RGE-10173) and the album Inimitável (1959, RGE XRLP 5057)

Agostinho dos Santos - Inimitável (1959) a    Agostinho dos Santos - Inimitável (1959) b

4. Maysa from the single A Felicidade b/w Manhã de Carnaval (1959, RGE RGE 10.193-a) and the album Maysa é Maysa… é Maysa, é Maysa (1959, RGE XRLP 5068)

Maysa — Maysa é Maysa... é Maysa. É Maysa (a)    Maysa — Maysa é Maysa... é Maysa. É Maysa (b)

5. Jota Cláudio & Pepe Cabral from the album Dois Amigos em Ritmo de Dança (1959, Polydor LPNG 4054)

jota-claudio-pepe-cabral-dois-amigos-em-ritmo-de-danca-1959-a    jota-claudio-pepe-cabral-dois-amigos-em-ritmo-de-danca-1959-b

6. Carlos Galhardo from the single Manhã de Carnaval b/w Cachopa (1959, RCA Victor 80-2148-a)

7. Bill Farr from the single Manhã de Carnaval b/w Balada Do Sublime Amor (1959, Continental 17.726-a)

8. Edu da Gaita from the single Manhã de Carnaval b/w Samba de Orfeu (1959, Copacabana 6.045-a) and the album Uma Gaita Para Milhões (1959, Copacabana CLP 11114)

edu-da-gaita-uma-gaita-para-milhoes-1959-a    edu-da-gaita-uma-gaita-para-milhoes-1959-b

9. Lucienne Franco from the album Samba de Orfeu b/w Manhã de Carnaval (1959, Copacabana 6.046-b) and the album A Notável (1959, Copacabana CLP 11108)

Lucienne Franco — A Notável (a)    Lucienne Franco — A Notável (b)

10. Pery Ribeiro from the single Manhã de Carnaval b/w Samba de Orfeu (1959, Odeon 14.502 ) and the album Eu Gosto da Vida (1961, Odeon MOFB 3213)

Pery Ribeiro — Eu Gosto da Vida

11. Luiz Bonfá from the album A Voz e o Violão – Luiz Bonfá e Norma Suely (1960, Odeon MOFB 3144)

luiz-bonfa-norma-suely-a-voz-e-o-violao-luiz-bonfa-e-norma-suely-1960-a    luiz-bonfa-norma-suely-a-voz-e-o-violao-luiz-bonfa-e-norma-suely-1960-b

12. Roberto Yanés from the album Cinelândia (1960, Columbia LPCB 37093)

various-cinelandia-1960-a    various-cinelandia-1960-b

13. Orquestra Brasileira de Danças from the album Uma Orquestra em Ritmo de Samba (1960, Philips P 630.403 L)


14. Waldir Azevedo from the album Um Cavaquinho no “Society” (1960, Continental LPP 3094)

waldir-azevedo-um-cavaquinho-no-society-1960-a    waldir-azevedo-um-cavaquinho-no-society-1960-b

15. Sylvia Telles from the album Sylvia Telles U.S.A. (1961, Philips P 630.453 L)     ??????????????????????????????????

16. Radamés Gnattali from the album Radamés na Europa com Seu Sexteto e Edu – No. 2 (1961, Odeon MOFB 3200)

radames-gnattali-radames-na-europa-com-seu-sexteto-e-edu-no-2-1961-a    radames-gnattali-radames-na-europa-com-seu-sexteto-e-edu-no-2-1961-b

17. Luiz Bonfá +
18. Agostino dos Santos, Luiz Bonfá and Oscar Castro Neves from the album Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall (1962, Audio Fidelity AFLP 2101)

Various — Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall (a)    Various — Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall (b)

19. Stan Getz from the album Big Band Bossa Nova (1962, Verve/Copacabana VMLP 14017)



Art work for Big Band Bossa Nova with painting by Olga Abizu

20. Mr. Samba & Seus Skindôs Rítmicos from the album Mr. Samba’s Authentic Brazilian Bossa Nova (1963, RGE XRLP 5197) aka This is Bossa Nova (1963, RGE LP3-1090)


Mr. Samba & Seus Skindôs Rítmicos — This is Bossa Nova

21. Herbie Mann from the album Jazz e Bossa Nova (1963, Right Now, Atlantic [USA] SD 1384, issued in Brazil as Atlantic/Fermata LPAT 5017)

herbie-mann-right-now-1962-a    herbie-mann-right-now-1962-b
Art work for
Right Now by Loring Euteney with photograph by Lee Friedlander

22. Sílvio Caldas from the album O Seresteiro (1965, Mocambo LP 40235)

Silvio Caldas - O Seresteiro (1965) a

Silvio Caldas - O Seresteiro (1965) b

Silvio Caldas - O Seresteiro (1965) c

23. Rio 65 Trio from the album Rio 65 Trio (1965, Philips P 632.749 L)

Rio 65 Trio — Rio 65 Trio (a)    Rio 65 Trio — Rio 65 Trio (b)

24. Paulinho Nogueira from the album Paulinho Nogueira (1965, RGE XRLP 5274)

Paulinho Nogueira — Paulinho Nogueira (a)    Paulinho Nogueira — Paulinho Nogueira (b)

25. Cido Bianchi from the album Show de Órgão (1965, Farroupilha LPFA-406)

cido-bianchi-show-de-orgao-1965-a    cido-bianchi-show-de-orgao-1965-b
Art work for Show de Órgão by Franklin França

26. João Donato from the album The New Sound of Brazil (1965, RCA Victor LSP 3473)

joao-donato-the-new-sound-of-brazil-1965-a    joao-donato-the-new-sound-of-brazil-1965-b

27. Baden Powell from the album Tristeza on Guitar (1966, Saba [GER] SB 15090 ST), issued in Brazil as Baden (1968, Elenco ME-48)

baden-powell-tristeza-on-guitar-1966-a    baden-powell-tristeza-on-guitar-1966-b

baden-powell-tristeza-on-guitar-1968-a    baden-powell-tristeza-on-guitar-1968-b

28. Neco & The Ipanema Strings from the album Velvet Bossa Nova (1966, London/Odeon LLB 1006)

Neco - Velvet Bossa Nova (1966)

29. Rogério Duprat from the album Dedicado a Você (1967, Penthon РРLРD-104)

Rógerio Duprat - Dedicado a Você (1967) a    Rógerio Duprat - Dedicado a Você (1967) b

30. Luiz Sergio from the album As Revelações da Grande Chance No. 2 (1968, Ritmos Codil CDL 13012)

Various - As Revelações da Grande Chance No 2 (1968) a    Various - As Revelações da Grande Chance No 2 (1968) b

31. Claudine Longet from the album The Look of Love (1968, A&M Records ‎[USA] SP-4129, issued in BRazil as Fermata FB 205)

claudine-longet-the-look-of-love-1968-a    claudine-longet-the-look-of-love-1968-b
Art work for The Look of Love by Peter Whorf Graphics

32. Agostinho dos Santos from the album Agostinho dos Santos (1969, Continental PPL 12415)

Agostinho dos Santos - Agostinho dos Santos (1969) a    Agostinho dos Santos - Agostinho dos Santos (1969) b

33. Édison Machado from the album Obras (1970, Stylo SSLP-2)


34. Quarteto Forma from the album Quarteto Forma (1970, Odeon MOFB 3631)

quarteto-forma-quarteto-forma-1970-a    quarteto-forma-quarteto-forma-1970-b

35. MPB-4 from the album 10 Anos Depois (1975, Philips 6349 144)

mpb-4-10-anos-depois-1975-a    mpb-4-10-anos-depois-1975-b

Selected medleys including Manhã de Carnaval:

1. Orquestra Românticos de Cuba from the album Românticos de Cuba no Cinema (1961, Musidisc XPL-17)

orquestra-romanticos-de-cuba-romanticos-de-cuba-no-cinema-1961-a    orquestra-romanticos-de-cuba-romanticos-de-cuba-no-cinema-1961-b

2. Orquestra Moderna de Câmara from the album Brasil Bossa Nova (1962, Nilser NS 1006)

Orquestra Moderna de Camara - Brasil Bossa Nova (c1962) a

Orquestra Moderna de Camara - Brasil Bossa Nova (c1962) b

Orquestra Moderna de Camara - Brasil Bossa Nova (c1962) c

3. Sérgio Mendes & Brasil’ 65 with Rosinha de Valença and Wanda Sá from the album In Person at El Matador (1966, Atlantic/Fermata LPAT-5037)


4. Agostinho dos Santos from the album Agostinho dos Santos (1973, Continental SLP 10.118)

Agostinho dos Santos - Agostinho dos Santos (1973) a    Agostinho dos Santos - Agostinho dos Santos (1973) b

5. Tião Motorista from the album Meu Interior (1977, CBS 138017)


Selected recordings of Manhã de Carnaval originally not issued in Brazil:

1. Luiz Bonfá from the album O Violão de Luiz Bonfá (1959, Cook [USA] 1134)

luiz-bonfa-o-violao-de-luiz-bonfa-1959-a    luiz-bonfa-o-violao-de-luiz-bonfa-1959-b

2. Dalida from the single Love in Portofino (A San Cristina) b/w La Chanson d’Orphée (1959, Barclay ‎[FRA] 60163)

dalida-from-love-in-portofino-a-san-cristina-bw-la-chanson-dorphee-1959-a    dalida-from-love-in-portofino-a-san-cristina-bw-la-chanson-dorphee-1959-b

3. Johnny Dorelli from the album We Like Johnny (1959, CGD [ITA] FG 5002)

johnny-dorelli-we-like-johnny-1959-a    johnny-dorelli-we-like-johnny-1959-b

4. Caterina Valente ‎from the single Felicitá b/w La Canzone di Orfeo (1959, Decca [GER] D 19 013)

5. Tino Rossi from the EP Vénus (1959, Columbia [FRA] ESVF 1039)

tino-rossi-venus-1959-a    tino-rossi-venus-1959-b

6. Bob Azzam from the album Bob Azzam (1959, Disques Festival ‎[FRA] FLD 226 S)


7. Bola Sete from the album Bossa Nova (1962, Fantasy [USA] 3349)


8. Miriam Makeba from the album The Many Voices of Miriam Makeba (1962, Kapp Records ‎[USA] KS 3274)

miriam-makeba-the-many-voices-of-miriam-makeba-1962-a    miriam-makeba-the-many-voices-of-miriam-makeba-1962-b

9. Bob Brookmeyer from the album Trombone Jazz Samba (1962, Verve [USA] V6-8498)

Bob_Brookmeyer_01a    Bob_Brookmeyer_01b

10. Vince Guaraldi Trio from the album Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus (1962, Fantasy [USA] 8089)

vince-guaraldi-trio-jazz-impressions-of-black-orpheus-1962-a    vince-guaraldi-trio-jazz-impressions-of-black-orpheus-1962-b

11. Cal Tjader from the album Soña Libré (1963, Verve Records [USA] V6 8531)

cal-tjader-sona-libre-1963-a    cal-tjader-sona-libre-1963-b

12. Paul Desmond from the album Take Ten (1963, RCA Victor [USA] LSP-2569)

paul-desmond-take-ten-1963-a    paul-desmond-take-ten-1963-b

13. Billy Eckstein from the album Now Singing in 10 Great Movies (1963, Mercury [USA] WC 16334

billy-eckstein-now-singing-in-10-great-movies-1963-a    billy-eckstein-now-singing-in-10-great-movies-1963-b

14. Sérgio Mendes from the album Quiet Nights (recorded 1963, released 1966, Philips [USA] PHS 600.263)

Sergio Mendes - Quiet Nights (1963-66) a    Sergio Mendes - Quiet Nights (1963-66) b

15. Chris Connor from the album Now! (1966, ABC Records ‎[USA] ABC-S-585

chris-connor-now-1966-a    chris-connor-now-1966-b
Art work for
Now! by Byron Goto and Henry Epstein

16. Gerry Mulligan from the album Night Lights (1963, Philips ‎[USA] PHM 200-108)

gerry-mulligan-night-lights-1963-a    gerry-mulligan-night-lights-1963-b

17. Luiz Bonfá from the album Luiz Bonfá plays and sings Bossa Nova (1963, Verve Records [USA] V6-8522)


18. Joanie Sommers and Laurindo Almeida from the album Softly, The Brazilian Sound (1964, Warner Bros. Records [USA] W1575)

joanie-sommers-and-laurindo-almeida-softly-the-brazilian-sound-1964-a    joanie-sommers-and-laurindo-almeida-softly-the-brazilian-sound-1964-b

19. Harry James from the album Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Album (1964, MGM Records ‎[CAN] E-4214)

harry-james-twenty-fifth-anniversary-album-1964-a    harry-james-twenty-fifth-anniversary-album-1964-b

20. Carmen McRae from the album Second to None (1964, Mainstream Records [USA] S/6028)

carmen-mcrae-second-to-none-1964-a    carmen-mcrae-second-to-none-1964-b
Art work for
Second to None by Jack Lonshein

21. Laurindo Almeida from the album Guitar from Ipanema (1964, Capitol [USA] ST-2197)

laurindo-almeida-guitar-from-ipanema-1964-a    laurindo-almeida-guitar-from-ipanema-1964-b

22. Astrud Gilberto from the album The Shadow of Your Smile (1965, Verve Records [USA] V6-8629)

Astrud Gilberto - The Shadow of Your Smile (1965) a    Astrud Gilberto - The Shadow of Your Smile (1965) b

23. Primo Quinteto from the album Bailando Bossa Nova En El Camichin (1967, R.V.V. [MEX] VR-35)

primo-quinteto-bailando-bossa-nova-en-el-camichin-1967-a    primo-quinteto-bailando-bossa-nova-en-el-camichin-1967-b

24. Dick Hyman from the album Brasilian Impressions (1967, Command [USA] RS 911 SD)

Dick Hyman - Brazilian Impressions (1967) a    Dick Hyman - Brazilian Impressions (1967) b

25. Eric Kloss from the album Grits & Gravy (1967, Prestige ‎[USA] PR 7486)


26. Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme and Luiz Bonfá from the album Steve & Eydie, Bonfa & Brazil (1967, Columbia [USA] CS 9530)

steve-lawrence-eydie-gorme-and-luiz-bonfa-steve-eydie-bonfa-brazil-1967-a    steve-lawrence-eydie-gorme-and-luiz-bonfa-steve-eydie-bonfa-brazil-1967-b

27. Richard “Grooves” Holmes from the album Spicy (1967, Prestige [USA] PRST 7493)

richard-grooves-holmes-spicy-1967-a    richard-grooves-holmes-spicy-1967-b

28. Chér from the album Backstage (1968, Liberty [USA] LP-12373)

cher-from-backstage-1968-a    cher-from-backstage-1968-b

29. Maria Helena Tolédo & Luiz Bonfá from the album Black Orpheus Impressions (1968, Dot Records [USA] USLP 6245)

luiz-bonfa-black-orpheus-impressions-1968-a    luiz-bonfa-black-orpheus-impressions-1968-b

30. Henry Mancini from the album A Warm Shade of Ivory (1969, RCA Victor ‎[USA] LSP-4140)

henry-mancini-a-warm-shade-of-ivory-1969-a    henry-mancini-a-warm-shade-of-ivory-1969-b

31. Frank Sinatra from the album My Way (1969, Reprise Records ‎[USA] 1029)

frank-sinatra-my-way-1969-a    frank-sinatra-my-way-1969-b

32. Alexandra from the single Das Glück kam zu mir wie ein Traum b/w Dunkles Wolkenmeer (1970, Philips ‎[GER] 6003 050)


33. Sônia Rosa from the album Sensitive Sound of Sônia Rosa (1970, Express [JAP] VSCD-606)

Sônia Rosa - Sensitive Sound of Sônia Rosa (1970) a

Sônia Rosa - Sensitive Sound of Sônia Rosa (1970) b

Sônia Rosa - Sensitive Sound of Sônia Rosa (1970) c

34. Duncan Lamont from the album Best of the Bossa Novas (1970, Music For Pleasure ‎[UK] MFP 1357)

duncan-lamont-best-of-the-bossa-novas-1970-a    duncan-lamont-best-of-the-bossa-novas-1970-b

35. Marisa Sannia from the single La Sirena b/w La Canzone di Orfeo (1970, CGD [ITA] N 9803)

marisa-sannia-la-sirena-bw-la-canzone-di-orfeo-1970-a    marisa-sannia-la-sirena-bw-la-canzone-di-orfeo-1970-b


Manhã de Carnaval performed by Caterina Valente and Luiz Bonfá on the TV show The Hollywood Palace (1965)



Manhã, tão bonita manhã • Na vida, uma nova canção • Cantando só teus olhos • Teu riso, tuas mãos • Pois há de haver um dia • Em que virás

Das cordas do meu violão • Que só teu amor procurou • Vem uma voz • Falar dos beijos perdidos • Nos lábios teus

Canta o meu coração • Alegria voltou • Tão feliz a manhã • Deste amor



Le ciel a choisi mon pays • Pour faire un nouveau paradis • Où loin des tourments • Danse un éternel printemps • Pour les amants

Chante chante mon cœur • La chanson du matin • Dans la joie de la vie qui reviens

Matin, fais lever le soleil • Matin, à l’instant du réveil • Mets dans le cœur battant • De celui que j’attends • Un doux rayon d’amour • Beau comme le jour

Chante chante mon cœur • La chanson du matin • Dans la joie de la vie qui reviens

[French lyrics by François Llenas]



Il sole ogni dì risplenderà • Il cuore ogni di canterà • Per dedicare a te • Mille sentieri in fior • Per confidare a te • Tutto il mio cuor

Il sole ogni dì splenderà • Il mondo ogni dì sentirà • Un canto d’amore • Perché tu sarai con me • Sempre con me

Tutto posso sognar • Tutto posso sperar • Dal momento che tu sei con me

[Italian lyrics by Mario Panzeri]



A day in the life of a fool • A sad and a long lonely day • I walk the avenue and hope I’ll run into • The welcome sight of you coming my way

I stop just across from your door • But you’re never home any more • So back to my room and there in the gloom • I cry tears of goodbye

(That’s the way it will be every day in the life of fool)

[English lyrics by Carl Sigman]



I’ll sing to the sun in the sky • I’ll sing till the sun rises high • Carnival time is here • Magical time of year • And as the time draws near • Dreams lift my heart

I’ll sing as I play my guitar • I’ll cling to a dream from afar • Will love come my way • This Carnival day • And stay here in my heart

Will true love come my way • On this Carnival day • Or will I be alone with my dream

[English lyrics by George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti, and Luigi Creatore]



Das Glück kam zu mir wie ein Traum • Musik aus dem endlosen Raum • So wie ein Sonnenstrahl
auf zartem Blütentau • Im ersten Morgengrauen • So war dein Kuß

Noch nie war das Glück mir so nah • Noch nie war ein Herz für mich da • Die Maske zerbrach • Ich hab Dein Gesicht gesehen • Die Zeit blieb stehen

Ein vergessener Kuß • Ein verlorener Blick • Kommen nie mehr im Leben zurück.

[German lyrics by Ernst Bader and Hans Ewer]


3 thoughts on “Song No. 104 — Manhã de Carnaval | Luiz Bonfá & Antônio Maria (1959)

  1. This is fantastic Andreas! Just last week I was attempting to spice up my own rather bland version of this song ( which I’ve “borrowed” heavily from Astrud’s guitarist) and then I wake up to see this post. The universe is in sync once more :)

    On a slightly more macabre note, … did you know that Claudine Longet shot and killed her ski-champion boyfriend while she was strung out on cocaine? But what a voice.

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