Song No. 114 — Chora Coração | Denis Brean & Osvaldo Guilherme (1961)

Chora Coração was introduced in March 1961 by Isaura Garcia as A-side to her version of Palhaçada and as the closing track on her album A Pedida é Samba. Her then husband Walter Wanderley accompanied Garcia with an uncredited conjunto before recording his quite similarly arranged version the same year.

Unlike her subsequent Top 5 hit Pedrinhas de Cor, Garcia’s original version of Chora Coração left no mark on the charts. Nevertheless, the song enjoyed popularity in the following years with about a dozen recordings. Cyro Monteiro was the first to pick up the song on his album Sr. Samba, arranged by Astor Silva.

Selected recordings of Chora Coração:

1. Isaura Garcia from the single Chora Coração b/w Palhaçada (1961, Odeon 14.716) and the album A Pedida é Samba (1961, Odeon MOFB 3237)

Art work for A Pedida é Samba by César G. Villela with photograph by Nagib Allit

2. Cyro Monteiro from the album Sr. Samba (1961, Columbia LPCB 37190)


3. Walter Wanderley from the album Samba é Samba com Walter Wanderley (1961, Odeon MOFB 3248)


4. Murillo Loures from the album Hum…M..MM..MMM é Gostoso Dançar (1962, Musiplay LPM 1102), also released on the five album box set Grande Baile Vol. 2 (No. 2) (c.1964, Discastro GED-1007) credited to Star Boys.




5. Heraldo do Monte from the album Dançando com Sucesso Vol. 2 (1962, RCA Camden CALB 5046)

6. Marisa Barroso from the album Marisa Barroso (1962, CBS 37250)

7. Carlos Lacerda from the album Um Piano da Bahia (1963, Audio Fidelity AFLP 1998)


8. Renato Perez from the album Samba Toff (1964, Chantecler CMG 2272)


9. Manfredo Fest from the album Evolução (1964, RGE XRLP 5236)


Medley including Chora Coração:

1. Orquestra Odeon from the album Convite ao Samba (1965, Odeon MOFB 3427)


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