Song No. 117 — O Amor e a Rosa | Ayres da Costa Pessoa ‘Pernambuco’ & Antônio Maria (1960)

O Amor e a Rosa was introduced in June 1960 by Vasilíki Purchio, better known as Neusa Maria, as A-side to Feliz Coincidência. Although a top ten hit on some local charts, Neusa Maria’s original version passed rather unnoticed due to the success of Elizeth Cardoso’s rendition recorded with Moacyr Silva on tenor sax which was released the following month and finished at number 23 on the year-end charts of 1960.

Although being an accomplished lyricist who had penned successful songs such as Manhã de Carnaval, Canção da Volta and Ninguém Me Ama, Antônio Maria Araújo de Morais had to face the change in music taste since the late fifties like so many others. In a way, O Amor e a Rosa was his attempt to find acceptance among the new stars of the emerging bossa nova, most of which considered him stuck in the past. He shared this image with other musicians and singers who rose to fame in the fifties with mostly samba-canção such as Maysa whose version of the song, interestingly enough, features a bossa nova beat with a samba-canção violin.

Shortly after the song’s introduction, Pernambuco recorded his own version on his album A Bossa Velha de Penambuco. O Amor e a Rosa stayed popular throughout the sixties with swinging renditions, including from Miltinho, Bossa Três & Jo Basile, Leny Andrade, Chaim Lewak, Lúcio Alves and even Lalo Schifrin.

Selected recordings of O Amor e a Rosa:

1. Neusa Maria from the single O Amor e a Rosa b/w Feliz Coincidência (1960, RCA Victor 80-2213-a) and the album Neusa Maria (1960, RCA Victor BBL 1097)


2. Elizeth Cardoso from the single O Amor e a Rosa b/w Bebeco e Doca (1960, Copacabana 6.124) and the album Sax Voz (1960, Copacabana CLP 11157)


3. Chaim Lewak from the album Chaim… e Suas Teclas Mágicas (1960, Copacabana CLP 11166)


4. Lúcio Alves from the album A Bossa e Nossa (1960, Philips P 630.418 L)


5. Severino Araújo from the album Teleco Teco em Cordas (1960, Continental LPP 3124)


6. Maysa from the album Maysa Canta Sucessos (1960, RGE XRLP 5100)


7. Dionysio from the album Sax Magia (1960, Internacional CID 27020)


8. João Leal Brito ‘Britinho’ from the album Dançando em Hi-Fi (1960, Columbia LPCB 37122)


9. Ted Moreno from the album Samba Que a Vida Escreveu (1960, Continental LPP 3105)


10. Pernambuco from the album Viagem Musical – A Bossa Velha de Penambuco (1960, Internacional CID 27024)


11. Walter Wanderley from the album O Sucesso é Samba (1960, Odeon MOFB 3204)


12. Radamés Gnattali from the album Segredo para Dois (1960, Continental LPP 3116)

13. Miltinho from the album Miltinho (1961, RCA Victor BBL 1113)


14. Ed Lincoln from the album Órgão Espetacular (1961, Masterpiece Master 11026)


15. José Magalhães Rocha from the album Pensando em Você (1961, Mocambo LP 40063)


16. Leny Andrade from the album A Sensação (1961, RCA Victor BBL 1128)


17. Orquestra RCA Victor from the album Estéreo Samba (1961, RCA Victor BSP-2)


18. Agostinho dos Santos from the album Agostinho Canta Sucessos (1961, RGE XRLP 5096)


19. Os 7 Velhinhos from the album Os 7 Velhinhos (1961, Musidisc XPL-5)


20. Uccio Gaeta from the album Bom Para Ouvir, Bom Para Dançar (1962, Copacabana CLP 11226)


21. Juca Mestre aka Severino Filho from the album Panorama Musical do Brasil (1962, Audio Fidelity AFLP 1954)


22. Napoleão Tavares from the album Parada Musical (1962, Pawal P-20.005)


23. Lalo Schifrin from the album Bossa Nova (1962, Audio Fidelity ‎AFLP 1981)


24. Bossa Três & Jo Basile from the album Bossa Três & Jo Basile (1963, Audio Fidelity AFLP 1989)


25. Portinho from the album Fogo nos Metais (1963, Philips P 632.138 L)


26. Ritmistas da Bossa Nova from the album Balanço & Bossa Nova (1963, Musiplay LPM 1105)


27. Conjunto de Jazz Bossa Nova from the album Brasil Bossa Nova (1963, RCA Victor BBL 1238)

28. Milton Banana from the album O Ritmo e o Som da Bossa Nova (1963, Audio Fidelity AFLP 1984)


29. Anísio Silva from the album Anísio Silva Volta com o Sucesso (1965, Odeon MOFB 3434)


Selected medleys including O Amor e a Rosa:

1. Zito Righi aka Bob Fleming from the album Bob Fleming (1961, Musidisc XPL-6)


2. Helena de Lima from the album Outra Noite no Cangaceiro (1965, RGE XRLP 5285)


3. Dóris Monteiro and Miltinho from the album Doris, Miltinho & Charme – Vol. 3 (1972, Odeon MOFB 3716)



Guarda a rosa que eu te dei • Esquece os males que eu te fiz • A rosa vale mais que a tua dor

Se tudo passou, se o amor acabou • A rosa deve ficar • Num canto qualquer do teu coração • O amor reviverá

Guarda a rosa que eu te dei • Esquece os males que eu te fiz • A rosa vale mais que a tua dor

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