Song No. 120 — Night and Day | Cole Porter (1932)

Written for the musical comedy “Gay Divorce”, Night and Day was introduced on stage by Fred Astaire on November 29, 1932. His recording with Leo Reisman and his orchestra was made a few days before on November 22, although relased only in January 1933. It became a #1 hit in the US and #21 of 1933 in Brazil. In 1934, the song was featured in the film adaption of the musical comedy, remaining as the only song left of Porter’s original score. With a structure and chord changes quite unusual for the 1930s, Night and Day became a signature tune for Astaire as well as for Porter. The song is also heavily associated with Frank Sinatra who recorded it in 1943 as the first song under his own name.

Allegedly, Porter was inspired during a visit to Morocco where he heard the steady beat of a tom-tom from a distance which might explain the opening lyrics “Like the beat, beat, beat, of the tom-tom; When the jungle shadows fall”. Another legend has it that Porter visited friends in Newport when the hostess complained about a broken drainpipe “This drip-drip-drip is driving me mad” which might explain the lyrics “Like the drip, drip, drip, of the rain drops.”

In Brazil, Night and Day was apparently first recorded in 1951 by pianist José Scarambone, released as A-side to Begin the Beguine. Unfortunately, his rendition seems nowhere available.

Subsequent Brazilian recordings include mostly instrumentals. However, Esterzinha de Souza issued her vocal version with lyrics by Alberto Ribeiro as A-side in 1959, and Roberto Audi recorded a version in 1960 with adapted lyrics by Lamartine Babo. The original lyrics seems to have been first recorded by Leny Eversong in 1965.

Selected recordings of Night and Day:

1. Fred Astaire from the single Night and Day b/w I’ve Got You on My Mind (1932, Victor Records 24193)

2. Jorge Henrique from the album Night Club (1956, RGE RLP 005)

Art work for Night Club by Dirceu Corte-Real

3. Waldir Calmon from the album Feito Para Dançar No. 5 (1956, Rádio 0043-GV)


4. Luiz Bonfá & Ed Lincoln from the album Noite e Dia – Com Luiz Bonfá & Eduardo Lincoln (1957, Continental LPP 3018)


5. João Leal Brito ”Britinho” aka Pierre Kolmann from the album Para Dançar (1957, Musidisc Hi-Fi 2002)

Art work for Para Dançar by Joselito with photograph by Mafra

6. Moacyr Silva from the album Moacyr Silva Interpreta Cole Porter (1958, Copacabana CLP 11047)

7. Esterzinha de Souza from the single Noite e Dia b/w Dente de Ouro (1959, Continental 17.735-a)

8. Ed Maciel from the album Maciel Toca, Você Dança (1960, Polydor LPNG 4055)

9. Roberto Audi & Coro Misto de Joab Teixeira from the album As Mais Famosas Versões (1960, Copacabana CLP 11154)

Art work for As Mais Famosas Versões by Mario Antonio

10. Ivan Paulo da Silva aka Carioca from the album Dance… Dance… Dance… Carioca Swings, The Delphin Jr, Orchestra Plays (1962, Imperial IMP 30.032)


11. Leny Eversong from the EP Bossa… Com a Internacional Leny Eversong (1965, Farroupilha 312)

12. Orquestra Serenata Tropical from the album Cha Cha Cha Solamente Cha Cha Cha (1965, Plaza PZ-7.006)


13. Lennie Dale & Sambalanço Trio from the album Lennie Dale e O Sambalanço Trio (1965, Elenco ME-21)

Art work for Lennie Dale e O Sambalanço Trio by Eddie Moyna with photographs by Francisco Pereira and Paulo Lorgus

14. Conjunto 707 from the album Fórmula 707 (1966, Chantecler CMG 2395)

15. Sérgio Mendes & Brazil’ 66 from the album Equinox (1967, A&M Records/Odeon A&M 2002)

Art work for Equinox by Peter Whorf Graphics

16. Agostinho dos Santos from the album Agostinho dos Santos (1969, Continental PPL 12415)


17. Dick Farney from the album Dick Farney e Você (1974, London/Odeon LLB 1101-S)


Selected recordings of Night and Day originally not issued in Brazil:

1. Luiz Bonfá from the album O Violão de Luiz Bonfá (1959, Cook [USA] 1134)



Night and day, you are the one • Only you beneath the moon, under the sun • Whether near to me or far • It’s no matter darlin’, where you are

I think of you night and day • Night and day, why’s it so • That this longing for you, follows wherever I go • In the roaring traffic’s boom • In the silence of my lonely room • I think of you night and day

Night and day, under the hide of me • There’s an ooh, such a hungry yearning, burning inside of me

And this torment won’t be through • Till you let me spend my life making love to you • Day and Night • Night and Day

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