Song No. 145 — Chorou, Chorou | Luiz Antônio (1961)

Chorou, Chorou was introduced in February 1961 by Tito Madi as A-side to É Fácil Dizer Adeus. Later, both songs were featured on Madi’s album Canção dos Olhos Tristes, arranged and conducted by Lyrio Panicali.

Titulares do Ritmo were the first to pick up the song, when they recorded their version in March and released it in April 1961. Composed in the hip samba style Teleco-Teco, the buoyant song instantly became a popular tune with a total of 14 recordings in 1961 alone and 10 more during the decade, including notable renditions by Lana Bittencourt, Juarez Araújo, Alda Perdigão and 7 de Ouros with José Delphino Filho aka Zézinho.

The arrangement by Ruben Perez ‘Pocho’ for Maysa’s recording was reutilised for Héctor Costita’s debut as his alias Don Júnior.

Selected recordings of Chorou, Chorou:

1. Tito Madi from the single Chorou, Chorou (1961, Columbia 3.150) and the album Canção dos Olhos Tristes (1961, Columbia LPCB 37137)


2. Titulares do Ritmo from the album Titulares no Samba (1961, RCA Victor BBL 1150)

3. Juarez Araújo from the album Juarez Araújo Sua Excia. O Sax (1961, Carroussell SELP 3009) aka O Inimitável Juarez (1962, Masterplay MDL 13019)


4. Lana Bittencourt from the album Sambas do Rio (1961, Columbia LPCB 37152)


5. Renato de Oliveira aka Cid Gray from the album Só Samba Sabendo Sambar (1961, Continental LPP 3160)


6. Alda Perdigão from the album Alda Perdigão (1961, RCA Victor BBL 1131)


7. Celso Murilo from the album Mr. Ritmo (1961, Pawal P-20.007), also credited to Conjunto de Samba de Balanço on the album Samba do Bom (1964, Destaque D-7002), and also issued under his alias Robert Rutz on the album Na Base de Bossa (1965, Damic L.P.5042)



8. Maysa from the album Maysa, Amor… e Maysa (1961, RGE XRLP 5121)


9. Héctor Costita aka Don Júnior from the album Sambas – Don Júnior e Seu Sax Maravilhoso (1961, RGE XRLP 5131)

Artwork for Sambas – Don Júnior e Seu Sax Maravilhosoby Patricio Marre

10. Marisa Gata Mansa from the album Simplesmente (1961, Copacabana CLP 11194)

11. Walter Wanderley from the album Samba é Samba com Walter Wanderley (1961, Odeon MOFB 3248)


12. Moacyr Silva from the album Sax & Voz Nº. 2 (1961, Copacabana CLP 11198)

13. 7 de Ouros featuring José Delphino Filho aka Zézinho from the album 7 de Ouros (1962, Odeon MOFB 3259)


14. Turquinho from the album Samba de Bossa (1963, Chantecler CMG 2212)


15. Luiz Bonfá from the album Recado Novo de Luiz Bonfá (1963, Odeon MOFB 3310)


16. Os Diplomatas no Samba com Paulo Roberto from the album Os Diplomatas no Samba com Paulo Roberto ao Órgão (1963, Philips P 632.148 L)


Selected medleys including Chorou, Chorou:

1. Sandoval Dias from the album Sandoval Dias e Seu Sax-dançante (1962, Philips P 632.109 L)


Selected recordings of Chorou Chorou originally not issued in Brazil:

1. Walter Wanderley from the album Rain Forest (1966, Verve Records [USA] V6-8658)


Mal olhou pra mim • Também chorou • Mal olhou pra mim, Também chorou

Relembrou • Fez um mergulho no passado • Se chegou, vem pra meu lado • Pra viver aquele amor

De saudade • Nos seus olhos fez-se o pranto • Dos meus olhos novo encanto • Fez alegre a minha dor

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