Song No. 146 — Rosa do Mato | Sérgio Ricardo & Geraldo Serafim (1958)

Rosa do Mato was introduced by Sérgio Ricardo in June 1958 as A-side to Cafezinho, as the second single after his debut as a singer the year before. The samba became a minor hit for Ricardo and was picked up only three more times. After Gaúcho’s instrumental version, singer and journalist Paulo Molin included Rosa do Mato on his debut album Surpresa, releasing it also on single the next year. Molin’s album was arranged and conducted by Renato de Oliveira who recorded his own version of the song under his alias Cid Gray reworking his arrangement for Molin to an lavish extent.

Recordings of Rosa do Mato:

1. Sérgio Ricardo from the single Rosa do Mato b/w Cafezinho (1958, RGE 10.101)

2. Gaúcho from the album Rio… Madrugada e Amor (1958, RGE XRLP 5024)


3. Paulo Molin from the album Surpresa (1960, Mocambo LP 40038)


4. Renato de Oliveira aka Cid Gray from the album Só Samba Sabendo Sambar (1961, Continental LPP 3160)


2 thoughts on “Song No. 146 — Rosa do Mato | Sérgio Ricardo & Geraldo Serafim (1958)

    1. Well, that’s a rather romantic interpretation. Considering the picture is from 1960, it could just as well be the other way around: he is coming home catching her being lazy instead of enjoying the obligations of a good housewive – that would be the surprise the title is referring to.

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