Song No. 19 — Lembranças | Raul Sampaio & Benil Santos (1961)

Miltinho — Miltinho é Samba (a)

The delightful Lembranças was introduced in 1961 by Miltinho on his album Miltinho é Samba. The following year, it was issued as the b-side to Meu Nome é Ninguém which turned into a double-sided hit. But despite being one of Miltinho’s most popular ballads, Lembranças achieved an undeservedly small scale of interpretations with about nine recordings.

Raul SampaioFunnily enough, various songs of the same title were competing in 1961 and 1962 with Lembranças by Sampaio and Santos. Creusa Cunha scored a minor hit with her version of Lembrança (Un recuerdo), a Mexican bolero that became famous in 1961 through Carlos José, and Lurdinha Pereira and Zé Fortuna each released different songs titled Lembrança.

In 1963, Lembranças was included on the album Mil e Uma Vozes de Oscar Ferreira, on which most of the songs feature imitations of the singing voices of contemporary stars like Roberto Luna, Billy Eckstine, Nelson Gonçalves, Nat ‘King’ Cole and Cauby Peixoto.

In the early seventies, Maria Bethânia featured the song in a medley in her concert at the Teatro da Praia in Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by Terra Trio. In 1974, Waleska also recorded the song as part of a medley, arranged by Ribamar.

Interstingly, it seems that Raul Sampaio has never recorded his own version of Lembranças on any of his albums.

Selected recordings of Lembranças:

1. Miltinho from the album Miltinho é Samba (1961, RGE XRLP 5127)

Miltinho — Miltinho é Samba (a)    Miltinho — Miltinho é Samba (b)

2. Héctor Costita from the album O Fabuloso Hector (1962, RGE XRLP 5171)

Héctor Costita - O Fabuloso Hector (1962) a    Héctor Costita - O Fabuloso Hector (1962) b

3. Alcides Gerardi from the album As 14 Mais – Vol. VII (1962, Columbia LPCB 37217)

Various - As 14 Mais – Vol. VII (1962)

4. Breno Sauer Quinteto from the album Sambabessa (1963, RGE XRLP 5193)

Breno Sauer - Sambabessa (1963)

5. Ângela Maria from the album Presença de Angela Maria (1963, RCA Victor BBL 1248)

Angela_Maria_29a    Angela_Maria_29b
Art work for Presença de Angela Maria with photograph by Mafra

Playlist of Medleys including Lembranças:

1. Maria Bethânia and Terra Trio from the album Rosa dos Ventos (1971, Philips 6349 015)

Maria Bethania - Rosa dos Ventos (1971) a    Maria Bethania - Rosa dos Ventos (1971) b
Art work for Rosa dos Ventos by Aldo Luiz with photograph by Norma Pereira Rego

2. Waleska from the album A Fossa (1974, Copacabana COLP 11948)

Waleska - A Fossa (1974) a    Waleska - A Fossa (1974) b
Art work for A Fossa with photograph by Mafra



Lembro um olhar • Lembro um lugar • Teu vulto amado • Lembro um sorriso • E um paraíso • Que tive ao teu lado • Lembro a saudade • Que hoje invade os dias meus • Para meu mal • Lembro afinal • Um triste Adeus

Sou agora no mar desta vida • Um barco a vagar • Onde está teu olhar • Onde está teu sorriso • E aquele lugar • Eu devia sorrir eu devia • Para meu padecer ocultar • Mas diante de tantas lembranças • Me ponho a chorar


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