No. 8 — Pages 10-11: Édison Machado | Dom Um Romão | Orquestra Los Danseros

  • Édison Machado — Édison Machado é Samba Nôvo
    (1964) CBS 37337
  • Dom Um Romão — Dom Um
    (1964) Philips P 632.713 L
  • Dom Um Romão — Dom Um Romão
    (1972) Muse Records n/a
  • Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos — Ataque
    (1965) Equipe EQ 810
  • Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos — Tremendão
    (1965) Equipe EQ 806
  • Eumir Deodato — Samba Nova Concepção
    (1963) Equipe 803)
  • Orquestra Los Danseros — Los Danseros en Bolero
    (1964) Equipe 801
  • Eumir Deodato — Idéias
    (1964) Odeon MOFB 3394


This double page spread of the book features art work for two ingenious drummers whose solo albums are among the most memorable made in Brazil in the sixties.

Édison Machado (1936-1990), who invented the ‘samba no prato’, the samba using cymbals on the drum kit, was one of Brazil’s most outstanding drummers. Being also one of the most active and innovative ones, he embarked on the new style of samba, the bossa nova, setting new standards for drummers to come.

He was part of several one-time and recurring groups. In 1957, he took part on both albums of the highly original all-star group Turma da Gafieira with Cipó, Altamiro Carrilho, Zé Bodega, Raul de Souza, Jorge Marinho, Baden Powell and Sivuca. Édison Machado’s excellent trio Bossa Três, formed in 1963 with Luis Carlos Vinhas on piano and Sebastião Neto on bass, was the first bossa nova combo to gain international success, recording the album Jazz Tempo, Latin Accents! with Clifford Jordan and Sonny Simmons, and appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. In 1963, Bossa Três recorded a beautiful collaboration album with French accordionist Joss Baselli aka Jo Basile. The same year Édison Machado participated in Sérgio Mendes’ trendsetting album Você Ainda Não Ouviu Nada, and in the following year Édison Machado was part of the one-time outfit Turma do Bom Balanço. In 1965, he formed the memorable Rio 65 Trio with Dom Salvador on piano and Sérgio Barroso on bass. Édison Machado’s impressive drumming can be heard on numerous albums, often supporting debut recordings of artists like Izio Gross, Luiz Henrique and Johnny Alf.

Édison Machado recorded just one album as a soloist in the sixties, the magnificent Édison Machado é Samba Nôvo in 1964, with Tenório Jr. on piano, Paulo Moura on alto saxophone, J.T. Meirelles on tenor saxophone, Pedro Paulo on trumpet, Ed Maciel on trombone, Raul de Souza on valve trombone and Sebastião Neto on bass. After two more albums with his Édison Machado Quarteto, Obras in 1970, and Obras 2 in 1971, he seemed to be almost forgotten in Brazil during the seventies, playing Europe and the US instead.

Playlist Édison Machado:
1. Só Por Amor (Baden Powell – Vinícius de Moraes) from the album Édison Machado é Samba Nôvo (1964)
2. O Morro Não Tem Vez (Antônio Carlos Jobim – Vinícius de Moraes) from the album Em Forma (1965) by Bossa Três
3. Dançando e Balançando (Wagner Brandão Naegele) from album Isto é Bossa (1964) by Izio Gross
4. Você e Eu (Carlos Lyra – Vinícius de Moraes) from the album Bossa Três & Jo Basile (1963) by Bossa Três and Jo Basile
5. Solo (João Theodoro Meirelles) from the album Édison Machado é Samba Nôvo (1964)
6. Intenção (Onde Está Você) (Tufic Lauar – Nelson de Morais – Alcides Evangelista de Mendonça) from the album Samba em Hi-Fi (1957) by Turma da Gafieira

The back cover of Édison Machado é Samba Nôvo indicates Paulo Góes as the photographer. The designer needs to be investigated but the art work is certainly perfect.

Édison Machado — Édison Machado é Samba Nôvo (a)

Édison Machado — Édison Machado é Samba Nôvo (b)

Dom Um Romão (1925-2005), another most excellent drummer, learned the drum kit from his father who was of African descent. In 1957, Dom Um Romão was part of Orquestra do Sindicato dos Músicos Profissionais do Rio de Janeiro on the group’s second album Orquestra de Danças. In 1958, he was part of the influential Canção do Amor Demais by Elizeth Cardoso, considered by some as the very first album with the bossa nova tinge due to João Gilberto’s guitar play on two of the songs. In 1962, Dom Um Romão was part of Sérgios Mendes’ group performing the legendary ‘Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall’ concert. The same year, Dom Um Romão recorded Cannonball’s Bossa Nova with Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley’s as part of Sérgio Mendes’ Bossa Rio Sextet. The following years he joined Os Catedráticos and in 1965, he went to the US to work with Stan Getz and Tony Bennett. There, Dom Um Romão  also recorded with João Donato on his album The New Sound of Brazil, arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman, before becoming the drummer with Sérgio Mendes’ famous Brasil ’66. In 1967, Dom Um Romão set the beats on the legendary album Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim, yet again arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.

In the seventies Dom Um Romão came up with two more solo albums, Dom Um Romão in 1972 and Hotmosphere in 1976, before being noted for his expressive stylings with fusion bands. He completed his discography from the mid-nineties on with three more albums at the age of 70+.

Like Édison Machado, Dom Um Romão released only one album as a soloist during the sixties, the exquisite Dom Um in 1964, with an impressive cast of 20 musicians including Moacyr Marques ‘Biju’, Paulo Moura, Cipó and Juarez Araújo on tenor saxophone, Maxaceira on bass trombone, Maurílio da Silva Santos on trumpet and Rubens Bassini on percussion.

Playlist Dom Um Romão:
1. Zona Sul (Luiz Henrique – A. Soares) from the album Dom Um (1964)
2. Family Talk (Berimbav – Blanchris – Dom Um Romão) from the album Dom Um Romão (1973)
3. How Insensitive (Insensatez) (Antônio Carlos Jobim – Vinícius de Moraes) from the album Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim (1967) by Frank Sinatra and Antônio Carlos Jobim
4. Jangal (Orlandivo – Rubens Bassini) from the album Dom Um (1964)
5. Samba com Môlho (Hélton Menezes) from the abum Lição de Balanço by Lição de Balanço (1964)
6. My Manne Shelly (Henry Mancini) from the album Tremendão (1965) by Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos

The stellar art work for Dom Um is by Eddie Moyna with photograph by Francisco Pereira. The 1995 reissue showed a coloured negative image.


The art work for Eumir Deodato’s Ataque, Samba Nova Concepção and Tremendão is by Maurício. For the reissues with different art work and artist names see → No. 6.

Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos — Ataque (1965) a    Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos — Ataque (1965) b

     Eumir Deodato — Samba Nova Concepção (b)

    Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos — Tremendão (2b)

Eumir Deodato as a soloist is featured in → No. 37 but the uncredited art work for Idéias has to be showcased here in its full glory as it is one of the finest.

Eumir Deodato — Idéias (b)

However, Eumir Deodato is featured here with one of his several alias projects: Orquestra Los Danseros, a one-time studio session with Maurílio da Silva Santos and Julinho Barbosa on cornet, Geraldo Vespar and Neco on guitar, J.T. Meirelles on flute, Gabriel Bezerra on bass, Wilson das Neves on drums, and Rubens Bassini, Humberto Garin and Jorge Gomes de Resende on percussion, arranged and conducted by Eumir Deodato who is also on piano and organ. The album was reissued twice in 1968, as Amor, Sonho e Bolero credited Orquestra Don Camacho and also as The Sound of Midnight credited The Midnight Orchestra, the latter giving a proper impression of the mostly international repertoire served with sparkling strings and lush orchestrations.

Playlist Orquestra Los Danseros:
1. Fly Me to the Moon – Our Day Will Come (Bart Howard – Bob Hilliard – Mort Garson) from the album Los Danseros en Bolero (1964)

The low-keyed expression of the art work by Maurício delusively understates the luscious sound of Los Danseros en Bolero.


6 thoughts on “No. 8 — Pages 10-11: Édison Machado | Dom Um Romão | Orquestra Los Danseros

  1. This is a very cool post and a terrific blog site. I am caught up in a Bossa Nova and Samba madness at present and hear those infectious rhythms dancing around in my head – even when sleeping. What a world of joy there is in the album by drummer Edison Machado. Has that album ever been available on CD or is it lost forever apart from this offering?

    I am about to do a post on a long overdue CD release of Dizzy with Lalo Schifrin doing Bossa material. Bravo

    Jazz Local 32

    1. How I love to persuade others with my taste in music… Besides, I know this madness quite well and Édison Machado’s stellar drumming was one of the reasons why I became addicted. To my knowledge his album has not been reissued on CD but it is available as digitized collector’s vinyl e.g. on

      I know Lalo Schifrin’s first-rate bossa nova albums, but I did not know that Dizzy did one too. Then again, is there an american jazz musician in the sixties who did not?


  2. E. Machado’s album has been re-issued on CD in Brazil (Livraria Cultura, Sony Music), please have a look at
    The only Album with some Bossa Nova material from D. Gillespie I know about is “New Wave!” from 1962 with e.g. L. Schifrin and Bola Sete (prod. by Quincy Jones). It contains for instance Chega De Saudade and One Note Samba.
    Thanks for this great Blog , it complements perfectly the excellent book. I am already looking forward to the next posts.

    1. I just looked up John Fenton’s site, he released the announced post about Dizzie Gillespie presenting ‘Dizzie on the French Riviera’. So, now we know even two Gillespie/Schifrin albums with the bossa beat! Judging by the sound clips at lastfm, the Côte d’Azur has been an inspiring place for him.
      Thanks for your kind response. May I assume you know the book as print version?

  3. Yes, I am proud owner of a brand new copy – a wonderful book. It’s a real treasure trove for a collector of Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz.

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